Friday, April 1, 2011

Pattern Wrapping Paper

I wanted to wait until Kim received this gift before I posted about it.
I am sure that I am not the first person to think of this idea.
When I thought of it though, it felt like a Genius moment.
I wanted some kind of wrapping that was as awesome as the recipient.
I absolutely LOVE patterns.  This is a Simplicity skirt pattern.
I buy patterns all the time.  I never use them...I just buy them.
That is another post...or therapy session...whatever.
I wrapped her Loo Love in pattern paper and tied on a tag.
I made the tag with the Portrait line from Crate Paper.
I also used Pop dots...they are your friend.
Seriously...they have changed my life.  Yep...that dramatic.
My whole life.


  1. Its gorg Cassie! And I love how you readily admit your "problems" lol!

  2. I love it!! What a great idea.

  3. I would love love love to get a package that looked like this...except for the "kim" part...'cause that would mean it wasn't for me...;)

  4. singing....
    Cassie Box is my friend.
    Cassie Box is my friend. Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm

    When I grabbed my Paper Issues order from the mailman I thought, wow, this is heavy. And when I saw what was in it, I kinda shreeked, lol. How cool is that package, huh? And the gift inside was even better.

    Thank you, Cassie. You're the best!


  5. That is a great idea. It seriously is a gift that keeps on giving:)

  6. Brilliant you are!!!! I love it!!!!

    Wishing you a great one!!!

  7. WOW! I love the tag on there! It pops so wonderfully against the sewing pattern paper. Don't you just love that "kraft" color it has? LOVE all the layers/colors/details of the tag....I must invest in some of those amazing punches you possess! TFS! Happy Friday Girl!

  8. Kim is the luckiest girl in the whole world!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. I think it's great! BTW, I'm also guilty of buying patterns and then not using them! Oh well.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Great idea! And the tag is very pretty!!

  11. You always has the coolest and most creative ideas! Love it

  12. I'm such a fan of "cute packaging" this is so perfet! xoox, Tracie

  13. Wow - really pretty! LOVE the tag!

  14. Hi Cassie,

    I want to thank you for stopping by our blogs!
    I admire yours and your work inspires me greatly! Your banners are awesome!
    I love sewing pattern paper too! It makes great tissue paper!


  15. Amazing work.. Love it..

    Have a great evening..

  16. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I worked at JoAnn Fabircs off and on for about 10 years and have accumulated LOTS of patterns. What a great way to use them since I don't have the sewing time that I wish I had.

  17. I just love this idea for wrapping gifts! Your gift tag is the perfect compliment to the pattern paper! So glad you stopped by and shared it at the Pretty Packages Party! Can't wait to see what you share next month!