Friday, June 29, 2012

Patriotic Pinwheel Clips

I, like many of you, will be celebrating on the 4th of July with family and friends.
I found myself needing to make some decorations.
These are embarrassingly easy.
First I cut squares 4"x4".
Then I made 4 cuts from the corner almost to the center.
Then I glued the center to the middle, slapped on a star and glued the whole thing to a clothespin.
That's a "peg" for all my foreign friends.  LOL!
I love that.  Peg.  So cute.
 That's it!
You can clip these puppies to anything.  Everything!
Use them on the bottom of a table cloth to weigh it down.
Clip them to your lapel, your hair, the flower pot, the dog, the kids...
I clipped them to the iron rails on the gazebo and around the top of the tent awning.
I clipped them to the cabinet handles.
I'm a clippin' fool!
You need to do this.
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I used Pink Paislee Declaration and some random clothespins that I stole off bags of chips and cereal out of my cabinets. 
It'll be a nice surprise for the kids when they open up the boxes and see the festive pinwheels, don'tcha think?
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  1. These are awesome Cassie!! You always rock the pinwheels!!!

  2. Love these, Cassie! I never thought to make these....which is why I visit your blog.

  3. These are just way too cute! Love the pin behind which makes it so easy to display them almost anywhere! and thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your sweet comments! :)))