Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Cookie Plate

Two things I love...Cookies and Halloween.  Let's combine them, shall we?
First thing we are going to do to make this super easy cookie plate is gather some supplies.
I used some paper mache pumpkins, a charger plate, some Mod Podge and some pretty Halloween papers.
The paper is flocked...so yummy!  I love that too...we should add that to the list of things that I love.
I also bought those super delightful spiders at Pier One...yeah...they have pretty cool Halloween stuff...you should check it out. 
Not right now though...let's make this cookie plate.
I cut out some long football shapes and then wadded them up...that really helped when I was trying to make it stick to the pumpkin. 
I still wanted some of the paper mache to show through because I like the look and texture of it, it is up to you.
You can cover the whole thing if you want, spray paint it, paint it with acrylic paint, glitter it up...Go crazy!
After I slathered the back of the paper with Mod Podge, I used my "hold it and mold it" technique.
Just hold the paper for a sec then BAM! You are done.
Place one pumpkin on top of the other and hot glue them together.  You may have to shave down the pumpkin stem.
All that is left is to glue your charger to the top.
I glued spiders to the sides and threw some on top for good measure.  Add some cookies and Viola!
I started with 12 cookies...somewhere along the way I have misplaced a few...must have been the kids.
Easy. You can do it! Go forth and Create!!
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