Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Jar of Whimsy {Mason Jar Gift}

I love banners.  You love banners.  We all love banners.
I also love Jars of Whimsy.
Do you know what those are?
You take a jar and then shove it full of really cool things.
I wanted to make my jar of whimsy extra Halloween-tastic for my friend who loves all things Halloween.
I added trims and beads and paint and all kinds of fun!
I knew I wanted to add a giant crow to the top with a banner in its mouth, like it was stealing it, ya know?
I used a diamond shape punch to make the banner pieces.
I let the back hang over a little because it made it look like a layered banner.
I added jute to the middle, folded over the paper, glued it down and BAM! Ya got a tiny banner.
I had to poke a hole through the crow's beak to shove the banner in...but I LOVE it!
I hope she does too!
 I also added some tags to the outside of the jar.
I think I may try to adapt a jar for a teacher gift for the Halloween party!

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