Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paper Cone Wreath Gift Card Holder+Tutorial

So..I am not a big fan of giving gift cards...but some people just insist.
I needed a little something more to add to the card itself.
Here is what I came up with using Echo Park paper.
I love it because it can be very masculine...this is important to a 6 year old boy!

First, we make the bugle wreath above.  Cut 14 2 1/2" squares and roll them into a bugle shape.
Then glue them down to a backing piece.  Here I used a circle.
 Next we are going to make the envelope for the gift card.  You may be able to just affix the envelope that you received in the that if you want to...I NEED mine to match.
SO...We are going to cut a 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" square.  Next score your sides.
Two parallel sides at 2" and the other two parallel sides at 2 1/2"
 Then cut out the notches at the corners so that your envelope will lay flat. 
 Pull the two short sides in and the bottom up, affix with glue. 
 Next, I trimmed off the tip of the envelope so that my star punch would fit over it. 
 Punch out the star and flip it over. 
 Place it back in the cut out area and add a pop dot.
  Keeping it flat, bring the bottom of the envelope to the top and press.
Bam!  The star acts like a button hole!  Woot!  Add it to the back of the wreath and Viola!  You have a wicked awesome gift card holder PLUS if you add some ribbon to the top, it is also an ornament! Yay us!!!
Don't have a star punch? I also used a heart on this wreath!

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  1. Came in search of the Paperhaus hop, but very happy to find these for now - fab makes! Will be back later in hope of the new post!!
    Alison x

    1. Ack! Thank you for letting me know! My post is posted now!!!!!