Monday, October 6, 2014

Cider Hill Orchard+West Bottoms {Photo Heavy}

Every year we choose a different place to go pick apples and pumpkins.
This year, we chose Cider Hill Orchard.
I bought a new 50mm lens in order to force myself to get my camera off auto.
There is plenty of parking at this orchard. Plenty of trees too!
There are hay rides but we didn't take one.
The line was really long. We wandered through the orchard and I snapped this picture above.
My first time messing with the ISO and such.
I love it.
My favorite part of the orchard was the cute fire pit they had set up.
 How can you NOT roast marshmallows on sticks with antler handles?
You must.
My son doesn't stand still long enough for pictures. I had to force him to take this one.
He isn't making a face either, so that is a plus.
10 year old boys like to make faces.
The day was perfect so I wanted to run down to the West Bottoms and snap a few pictures since I was feeling pretty good about my new found skills and button pushing abilities.
No one was around so we stopped in the middle of the 12th Street bridge.
 I saw this door and had to jump out.
I am super lucky that my kid is a) photogenic b) willing to do all the crazy things her mother asks.
I'm a scrapper. I'm gonna scrap that.
Kansas City is my home.  I love it here.
I am linking my photos to the I Heart Faces challenge!  Yay!


  1. Love these, especially the Apple shot!

  2. You did a fabulous job with your new lens, Cassie! Beautiful photos!

  3. beautiful pictures, your daughter is stunning, I miss her red hair but she is stunning none the less :)

  4. "There are hay rides but we didn't take one." LMAO

    I <3 you.

    1. I <3 you. For real. I'm not even kidding.

  5. So I'm feverishly googling away trying to find an Orchard near Salt Lake City since we seem to have forgotten fall Apple picking is a thing for us (it's November- we want pie with capital letters) and guess what? This pops up! ;D LOVE that portrait!!

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