Monday, August 17, 2015

Have Planner Will Travel

I love my planner.
I have had one since Junior High. I've always been a write-it-down sort of girl.
I like the idea of something written and crossed off.
It makes me feel like I'm actually getting something accomplished.
I am loving the new planner craze!
There are so many really great products out there for planners now.
Not to mention the planner options are getting better!
This was my third planner this year. I felt like Goldilocks.
The first one was too small.
The second one was horizontal. Horizontal is not for me.
My third and final is this vertical Plum Paper Planner.
I love it.
I want to marry it.
There are so many configurations when you order. It's fully customizable to your needs.
This one fits me perfectly. That makes me happy.
I'm a busy girl.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
This is my travel set up.
I love my Coach Poppy laptop sleeve. I fried my laptop and had to get another one.
My new one is too big and I didn't want to give up all that pink goodness so BAM!
It became my planner cozy. Everything fits perfectly in there. Then it slide in my purse.
Yay! I love it when a plan comes together.
That pencil and glue are new in the Paper Issues shop!
They are completely adorable and so well made.
The embellishments and stamp are also from Paper Issues.
Both bags are from Coach.
The aqua acrylic alphas are from Colorcast Designs.
My planner is from Plum Paper.

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