Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Planner Organization:Coil Clips

I love my planner.
This week at Paper Issues, Jen is talking about lists.
I make lists every day.
I find it satisfying and cathartic to write things down and physically cross them off.
My life is super busy. I like it like that.
This is my before picture, when there is so much pretty white space and everything is tidy.
I like blue ink. I don't use any other colors.
I find it difficult to focus when there is more than one ink color.
At the bottom of my planner, in my day column, I have my Instagram posts.
I post at least twice a day for Paper Issues and once a day for my personal account.
Sometimes I am not the one who posts for PI but I like to make sure it gets crossed off either way.
In the body of my day columns, I write my to do lists. Every day.
Every day there is a crazy amount of things to be done.
Blogging, invoicing, shipping, receiving, child dropping off, practice, laundry, groceries.
I am a normal person too.
I am also addicted to these coil clips.
We sell them in packs of 2.
You can see the "naked" one at the very bottom of the picture above.
I have one that I keep full size and one that I cut in half.

I use them to attach my page tabs to so I can easily flip to my current day.
I also attach everything else to it!  Anything you can think of!
They fit right in the coil of your planner.
You can turn them like a page.
I love them!
LOVE them!

The cute little fox card is from Paper Issues. I send them out with orders.
I also used it for stability in this last picture.
I took a small envelope and attached it to the card which is attached to the coil clip.
I can tuck away stickers and bits for my week or when I'm travelling.
We would love to see your planner!
Come link it up to Jen's planner post in our Facebook Group and you could win a GC to the PI store!

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