Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ribbon Tassel Garland

So I wanted to make a ribbon tassel garland thing. You see them everywhere!
I'm crafty. I'm smart. I can do this. This is what I do. I can do this!
So...I gathered some ribbon. For this project, I used 5 ribbons. I didn't want it to be all even and such so I cut them at different lengths. Right around 8".
I added a tiny spot of hot glue to the center of each ribbon and arranged them one on top of the other so that it looks like kitty whiskers.
I gathered the cooled ribbon whiskers and folded them in half then tied them onto another piece of ribbon the length of my sign.
That's it. It's a pretty easy project.
Time consuming? Yes, but worth it!
I used May Arts ribbon for the newest issue at Paper Issues!!

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